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ESL Culture Studies
Institute for Language Education
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Online Culture Studies Resources


 Students' Projects and Assignments       ESL Students' Podcasts in iTunes Fall 2009 

ESL Students' Podcasts in iTunes Spring 2010         EDU 235 Podcasts in iTunes 


Culture Capsules: A Web Project You Can Do! (Michael Krauss) Help students produce a multimedia web-based project with a focus on culture.

Activities for ESL Students
Includes ESL podcasts

Interesting Things for ESL Students
A fun study site for learners of English as a Second Language
by Charles I. Kelly

American Study Activities (from Buryatia, Siberia)  

Voice of America  (VOA) Special English Learn American English and Much More Read   Listen  Learn;
communication by radio in clear and simple English with people whose native language is not English.

Culture Resources online compiled by Lyra Riabov

Lingual.net-Learn your English through movies

Randall's ESL Cyber Lab

Holidays and Special Days  CASLT (Canadian Association  of Second Language Teachers)

Culture Study Links  compiled by Lyra Riabov

Compiled by Links of Interest to Students & Teachers of English as a Second Language There are currently 14155 registered links.
Maintained by The Internet TESL Journal

U.S. Citizenship Test

Learn English with Obama
For Advanced ESL Students and Native English Speakers by Charles I. Kelly

Easy Things for Beginners by Charles I. Kelly

Structure of the US Government

Symbols of America (EnchantedLearning.com)

Combined Classes Project by Lyra Riabov

Podcasts from Interesting Things for ESL Students
( this site includes
Learn a Song Podcast,
Listen and Repeat Podcast,
Jokes in English,

Gary Carkin's ESL/EFL Drama Log

Randall's Video Snapshots

Browse a wide selection of Podcasts on any topic you study

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ESL Culture Studies

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