Culture Exchange Combined Classes SNHU November, December 2010 Model 2 (2+2 Classes)

School of Education
SNHU 101 Two Groups
Prof. Audrey Rogers (

EDU 235 Podcasts in iTunes 2009

EDU 235 Podcasts in iTunes 2010

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Institute for Language Education
School of Arts & Sciences
ESL 156 Comparative Culture Studies
Prof. Lyra Riabov (

 ESL Students' Podcasts in iTunes 2009

ESL Students' Podcasts in iTunes 2010

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 Class One:Meet your partners, interview, discuss, present to the class, use the Internet and Google Earth on a "smart board"

Class Two: participate in the culture exchange activities, culture talk, and team presentations

After classes: Record your reflection podcasts and post them into iTunes.
 Slides in PowerPoint by ESL Students:
Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Taiwan, China

ESL Students' Reflection Podcasts in iTunes Fall 2010
SNHU 101 Students Reflection Podcasts in iTunes Fall 2010
ESL Students' Surveys before and after Culture Exchange Combined Classes

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