Samantha J Belanger
Educational Philosophy

My Personal Philosophy on Education

When entering into the education field, it is important to establish your own personal philosophy. Having a personal philosophy sets your goals and beliefs that you want to bring into the education field. I think Piaget's stages are good to know for teaching. A teacher can use the stages as a reference for lesson plans to decide whether it is appropriate or not for level they are teaching. I will discuss various areas of my philosophy such as; classroom organization, grading, parental involvement, discipline, special needs, special education, technology and behavior. I will also explain how each of these areas will be included in my personal philosophy.

Classroom organization is vital because that is where you (the teacher) and the students are most of the day. I will have different areas in the class for certain activities, for example, a current events corner. This will give the students a chance to learn and discuss what issues are going on. I think this is important because the majority of children don't watch the news or read the newspaper. I want to also bring in supplemental material as often as I can to share with the students. If every activity and assignment comes from their text book, it can become boring for them. When I did observations at Alvirne High School, they encourage the students to find an article online or in the paper and write a little about what they found. I think that is great for the students to see and understand what is going on in the world.

When grading tests and student performance I want to be fair at all times with every individual. I want to grade them more on their progress and effort. I think making progress and putting effort into work is more important than only paying attention to whether they answered correctly or not. When returning grades, I want to give them effective feedback along with it. Letting them know what they are doing great at and what needs improvement. If a students grades fall dramatically I will make the effort to work with them one on one to try and improve their grades.

Letting parents know what their child is doing at school is important. To have parental involvement I want to send students home every few weeks with progress reports. This will let parents as well as the students know what they are doing well in and what they need to improve on. However, I am a little old fashioned and would require them to have these progress reports signed. I noticed that all of the schools that I have observed so far do give progress reports. Also, every quarter or term I want to send them home with a newsletter written by me to let parents know what the students are learning about, and what extra curricular activities are available to them.

With technology constantly growing, it is important for students to keep up with it. It will be more difficult for students to go out into the real world with no concept of the new technologies out there. I think it is important for students to be educated and updated with technology. One thing I might do is teach them how to apply their Excel skills in a business setting. I can show them how Excel can help with business accounting. I want to use the schools existing technology to its fullest extent when educating my students. In Dr. Pelletier's methods classes we discussed the importance of technology in the classroom.

Behavior issues can be difficult to deal with. To prevent any behavior problems, I plan to use effective classroom management. By using effective classroom management, I want to create a good and positive learning environment to avoid problem behavior. Classroom rules and procedures will be established. For example, they need to ask permission for the bathroom pass and raise their hand if they have a question. If I encounter a consistent behavior problem, I want to work with the student to resolve the issue rather than ignoring the student and �giving up� on them. Also, by incorporating effective classroom management I will deal with discipline in a positive manner. I will follow the school rules for discipline. Detention and leaving the room may be examples of incorporating discipline if needed. In my methods class with Mrs. Reilly she gave us some great examples of classroom management and how to deal with it.

As a future general curriculum educator I believe it is important to fully support special education. I will always be willing to do any necessary training to accommodate a special needs student into the general curriculum. It is important to incorporate special education activities into daily lesson plans. I will treat special need students no differently than other students and treat them with respect. I also want to do my best to include them and help them with peer involvement. I took a class about special needs and differences and it really taught me the different kinds of learning styles and disabilities.

I believe establishing a personal philosophy before entering the education field is important for setting your beliefs and values. As you can see by my own personal philosophy I want to be fair, involved, and helpful. These values and beliefs of mine will help me become a better educator.