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A Culmination of Work for the MS-TEFL Program


                    EFL 501

             Research Paper

Language Learning and Acquisition (3 credits)
This course explores contemporary knowledge about foreign language acquisition, including the influences of age, environment and motivation; learning styles, including ELSIE, Barsch Learning Style Inventory and other cognitive and behavioral scales; multiple intelligences; and learner language and interlanguage.
                   EFL 502

      Assessment Reflection

Evaluation and Assessment (3 credits)
The first part of this course is an introduction to proficiency, achievement, diagnostic and placement testing. The use of student portfolios in the EFL classroom and self-evaluation and observation techniques, including checklists and anecdotal reports, also are covered.
                   EFL 503

        Notre Dame College

Descriptive Linguistics of American English (3 credits)
This course covers the American English sound system and American English grammar. Students learn the basics of AE phonetics and phonology, including vowels, consonants, diphthongs, pitch and stress; place and manner of articulation; and the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). They also learn the basics of AE morphology and syntax, including the parts of speech, words and their constituents, inflection, sentence types, sentence diagramming, surface and deep structure and transformational process.
                   EFL 504

        Notre Dame College

Introduction to Curriculum Development, Design and Implementation (3 credits)
Topics include curriculum, syllabus and lesson planning, with emphasis on observable performance objectives; lesson stages and principles of effective EFL lesson construction; effective procedures for choosing, editing and managing EFL lesson content; long-term lesson planning; teacher roles in the classroom; and principles and techniques for teaching mixed-proficiency level classes.
                   EFL 505

    University of New Hampshire


Overview of TESOL Methodology (3 credits)
This course emphasizes communicative language teaching. Specific methods and approaches to be explained include grammar translation, audio-lingual method, total physical response, natural approach, language experience approach, literature-based approach, phonics, whole language, community language learning, Suggestopedia, Silent Way, cognitive academic language learning, content- and theme-based instruction and computer-assisted language learning.
                 EFL 523

              Lesson Plan

Listening and Speaking Activities (3 credits)
This course explains and describes listening and speaking activities and techniques for students with varying proficiency levels and includes teaching simulations by the instructor and participants.
                   EFL 525

                Lesson Plan

Reading and Writing Activities (3 credits)
This course explains and describes reading and writing activities and techniques for students with varying proficiency levels and includes teaching simulations by the instructor and participants.
                 EFL 531

          Reflection Paper

Pronunciation Activities (3 credits)
The course begins with an explanation and description of basic activities and techniques for teaching vowels, consonants, consonant clusters, vowel reduction, assimilation, elision, stress, pitch and juncture. Resonance and oral muscle control and teaching pronunciation according to first-language background (involving contrastive linguistics and error analysis) also are covered.
                  EFL 536

      To be completed in June

American Studies and Culture in Theme- and Content-based Instruction (3 credits)
This course explains how to develop theme- and content-based lessons and classes using U.S. cultural topics and adapting and controlling material for various proficiency levels
                  EFL 537

           Projects for CALL

Computer-assisted Language Learning (3 credits)
Overview of research, practice and critical issues of CALL
environments. Technology-enhanced learning /teaching environments, including use of Internet, E-Mail, MS Word, MS Power Point and MS Front Page as tools for EFL instruction.
                   EFL 540

             Reflection Paper


Socio-Cultural Context of Language Teaching (3 credits)
Topics include sociolinguistics, regional variation, and cultural diversity as they apply to TEFL/TESOL. A unit on the history of the English language is also included.
                   EFL 599

      To be completed in June

Supervised Practice Teaching (3 credits)
Participants have the opportunity to teach a wide variety of courses in the Manchester area. Options include teaching children and adults and teaching life skills and academic English, among others. Participants first will meet to design, develop and prepare for lessons.